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The first and primary service we offer is just that, service. Both owners, Hugh and Millie Crenshaw, work full time in-house. They are directly accountable to you and accessible full-time with just a phone call.

We perform the majority of our title searches. We prepare our own commitments and policies. Any updates or changes required are performed immediately. Should your title contain a cloud or defect, you can speak directly with Hugh. He will provide a clear and concise explanation of title defects or clouds on title, and what will be required to clear your title. Our office staff can track down and clear most title defects, and those we cannot, we will guide you how to achieve clear title and close.

We at Southern Title & Abstract pride ourselves on having the ability to provide our clients with the choice of having a preliminary search performed on property they are looking to purchase or property which they are listing. This service will enable you to get in front of any title defects which may be revealed in such a search. If a problem is uncovered we can assist you in resolving the issue. All we ask is that you agree to close the property at Southern Title & Abstract. There are no upfront costs to you or your client, we collect the search fee when we close.

We also provided title services to several attorney firms in the Central Florida area for Mortgage and HOA/Condo Lien foreclosures. The usual and customary fees for searches performed in the Central Florida Area are as follows:

“Title Search Report”  Used for mortgage foreclosure                                  $150.00-$175.00

30 year search / lot and block price

“Ownership and Encumbrance Report” Used for HOA/Condo lien foreclosure $100.00-$125.00

Search back to last Warranty Deed / lot and block price

“Judgement and Lien Search Report”                                                        $TBD


Ultimately, the primary role of a title company is insuring title to real property. Our staff has the expertise to make the process go smoothly, and will handle your transaction with knowledge, professionalism and courtesy.

NO KICKBACKS! We do not participate in any kickback arrangements with brokers, lenders or realtors, commonly disguised and cleverly marketed to you as one-stop shopping. These types of organizations refer to themselves as having “Affiliated Business Agreements”, “Controlled Business Arrangements” or LLC Companies.

Southern Title & Abstract does not participate in arrangements of this sort.